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passion for out rootsA revolutionary win blew across chicory crops.
The ”endive” and her sisters reach warm climate...
I Play endive,
We speak Endive,
I decline Cichorium,
We are endive passion,
I speak roots,
And you?
Do you want to learn ?

A climat ;
Under the sun exactly.
A “terroir”
This ground precisely,
An Harvest
For his suggar probably,

The root millésime is the important thing

Chapeau bas,
The quality and the yield meet again !

CiChorium S.L. (CiC) : The international consulting company for the growing of endives, biological or conventional .
CiC makes specialized consulting in growing and production of endives to many producing companies spread through three continents, that represent about 10% of the global business of endives.

CiC is also specialized in other products, which are even more complex, such as the red endive, the endigia, and the dandelion, which are also forced in conditioned rooms.

The consulting service offered by CiC covers all needs that, from a technical or commercial point of view, are needed by each and every one of the processes that make possible the growth and production of quality endives, under different altitudes and latitudes. (From 36ºN 35' 28" N and from 30 º S to 35º S)

CiC backs its consulting with a vast experience of over 20 years in the area (which sum up to 15000 has), and with the results of its own laboratory installed in Spain.

 Services offered by this laboratory are multiple and go from germination tests and varietal confirmation to chemical analyses of roots, phytopathological analyses (bacteriae and fungi) and analyses of the optimum parameters of production for each batch.

In short, CiC allows expert and inexperienced growers to work using the best tecniques to obtain, safely and without taking unnecessary risks, a quality product and the best  return.


CiC: more than 1000 ha in the field each year, more than 100.000 m3 of roots preserved each year, more than 2000 trays of endives a day… What a schedule!


  Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2007- 2013 de Navarra This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 817124
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